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Exterior wall drop siding system


product type: integrated type

place of origin: China

payment: by T/T

Packing: wooden pallet

lead time: one month

brand: BEST

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Wall back bolt hanging system is composed of BEST boards and hanging accessories. Because of its short installation period, fashional, clean, unique, environment friendly, durable and fire-proof features, the system is mainly used for building exterior wall decoration.

Installation steps:

1. Cleaning

Clean up the site, the walls and the boards, including dust and oils and other dirts.

2.Drawing lines and boards grouping

Position the angle steels at side walls according to construction plan.

3.reserving holes for doors

reserve holes for doors or other equipments in advance.

4.installation of Zinc-plated angle steel

Drill holes on side walls according to the lines mentioned above, and then use stainless steel anchor bolt to fasten angle steels on them.

5.installation of L-shape aluminum keels

Use stainless steel screws to fix keels and angle steel.

6.Internal corner and external corner

At external corner and internal corner of keels, use a long L-shape angle steel to fasten two keels by rivets, making the whole keel system stronger..

7.installation of back hangers

Use back bolts to fasten upper and lower hangers

8.Installation of Sanle fiber cement boards

Raise up the whole sheet of fiber cement board, and keep the lower hanger right sitting on lower L-shape keels, and upper hanger right on upper L-shape keels. So that the lower hanger is right on the second L-shape keels, and the upper keel is right on the first L-shape keels..


Fill 3 mm sealing glue on gaps between boards when the boards are fixed.

10.follow-up installation

Repeat the same procedures to install other boards.

11.double-check and cleaning

Double check the whole project and make sure there is no damage on the boards. Then get rid of the plastic covers of the boards and clean up the site.

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